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Pretty Lolitas

I was looking through some pictures, and I just realized...

This year's EOY has the prettiest Loli's ever!

You girls all look so fantastic.

And for those who missed the runway:

About Tim

Tim is married to Ling, and father of Zack. He is the producer of Events of the Year (EOY), producing Jpop, anime, cosplay and non-Japanese events.

He produced a concert for Yui Makino (Sony) in 2009 and a dancical for net idols, Aikawa Kozue & Ikura from DANCEROID in 2010.

In 2011, he produced a live for Hitomi, the #1 maid from @home Maid Cafe.

In 2012, EOY will be held at Marina Barrage (09.12.12).

He also owns My Import Store, an online store that he started when he was secondary 2.

He enjoys inspiring young people, and teaches financial literacy and entrepreneurship in Singapore primary and secondary schools.

During his free time, he freelances as a production coordinator for concerts, stage productions, advising them on lighting, sound and stage matters.

He loves writing, playing the piano, Japanese language, maid cafes, having lunches with friends, cars, and is currently driving a JDM Honda Civic Type R.

Before he dies, he hopes to own a Lotus/Ferrari, have a date with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Ai Otsuka, see an aurora and do extended world travel.


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